Passion Projects

•   Fostering Resilience For Children and Youth

•   Outdoor and Wilderness Programming

•   Sustainable Program Development

•   Arts-Based Initiatives

Zoë Godfrey-Davies

I am...

A creative idealist, passionate about community-driven change. Born in Sudbury, Ontario, I have felt at home in many different communities both across the province and in opposite corners of the world. From Hamilton, Ontario where I did most of my growing up; to occupied Palestine where I lived and worked; to the many Indigenous communities in northern Ontario that I’ve had the privilege of working alongside. I currently live in Barrie, Ontario where I can often be found adventuring outside with my dog.

How I Know What I Know...

•   A Masters in Social Work from McGill University focusing on International and Community Development

•   More than 10 years experience working with children and youth in variety contexts from after school programs to youth councils to supporting youth in crisis.

•   More than 8 years experience learning from and working alongside grassroots movements and community driven organizations

•   A life long curiosity about the building blocks of meaningful and innovative social change

My Approach

Relationship Focused — I focus on really getting know you, your community and your organization. I believe strong relationships are the foundation for collaborative and effective community development work.


Strengths Based — The process starts by identifying your strengths and assets. My approach is often driven by the question “How can we mobilize the strengths you already have to get where you want to go?”


Community Driven — Whether the community is a population of youth, a physical neighbourhood, or a group of people connected by a common experience - I believe that effective program or project development should be driven by the voices of those you are aiming to serve.


Innovative — Sometimes an outside observer can see challenges from a different perspective. My approach is creative and evolving.I like to think outside of the box, turn it inside out, or flip it on its head in order to collaborate with you to reach your desired outcome.


Action Oriented — Turning those big ideas and community feedback into clear and actionable steps that will support you in achieving your goals.


Sustainable —I place a high value on sustainable approaches to community development. This means always sharing knowledge back with the community, prioritizing local capacity development, and being transparent and adaptable at every step along the way.

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