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A degree from the University of Waterloo combining human and environmental development with 8-years of experience supporting initiatives for children and young people in Western/Eastern Africa, South East Asia, South America, as well as Cree, Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq nations in Canada. More than this professional and academic experience, I have spent time with incredible mentors, community leaders, Elders, educators, caretakers, children and youth that have inspired my way of thinking and approach to community development. To continue my learning, I recently completed a graduate degree in children and young people’s mental health. Through the University of Edinburgh, my dissertation focused on resilience of Indigenous young people.

Passion Projects

Resilience Building for Children and Young People

Recovery and prosperity following childhood adversity and trauma

Community-led Development
Models for growing programs and approaches from the community outwards

Going Beyond the ‘Logframe’
How to manage complex community development projects effectively

Collective Impact
Working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to achieve a desired outcome

Beyond Dependence
Financial models for NGOs to break free from donor cycles

Suicide Intervention
Kevin is a safeTALK facilitator and trained in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST)

My Approach

A passionate advocate for the rights and freedoms of every young person. I am a European settler and ally living on traditional Indigenous territories in Toronto, Canada. I have lived and worked overseas on numerous occasions, visiting over 25 countries, and have adapted to a culture-first perspective in all my work and in life.

Kevin McGregor

How I Know What I Know...

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Focusing on the process Starting with the end in mind, how do we bring the right people to the circle to find solutions? How can we involve children and youth in the process? How do we come to a collective vision for the future? Through participatory dialogue I will help guide people and groups through the strategic and inclusive process in finding solutions.

Sharing knowledge Community leaders have said to me on a number of occasions that they know their community so well, but they don’t have the opportunity to see the experience of other communities. Knowledge is power and I will always equip communities and organizations with as much information as they need to make evidence-informed decisions.  

Leveraging strengths Rather than starting with a 'needs assessment', I will explore the strengths and assets of a community or organization and build upon this strong foundation using a strengths-based approach.

Forward Thinking - When given the choice between seeing the world as it is, and seeing the world as it could be, I am almost always looking at the latter. I am thinking ahead and focusing on how our actions today are affecting the future state. 

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